Poetry I've Written Since November:

In honor of national poetry month, which is my absolute favorite themed month of the entire year, here is a bunch of poetry that I've written in the last three months. Some of it is work that I've already posted. Others are brand new. 


I am constantly fighting my hands;
to keep them still. 
I am constantly pressing on things. 
I am constantly pressing on things hard; 
to keep myself still. 
There is always shaking; 
even when I'm thinking hard
in my brain about
all the ways I want to be completely still.

Everything still moves.
In the middle of the night
It all moves;
In the middle of the day
It all moves;
It all moves forward.
Shaking. Shaking. Shaking. 

- Will anything ever be still again?

I was trying to ignore you when you said hello to me. 
When you did, I said it back; 
looked away immediately. 
I thought about the way I said it; outside in the rain.
Was my voice too high?
Was it too fast?
Did you notice how fast I looked away?
Should I have said
hello at all?
Or should I have

- "I feel like you have something to tell me."

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 9.12.40 PM.png

& where the forest burned Hope grew in its place.
It needed time to root;
understanding on rainy days.
It needed lots of air to breathe;
sunshine to make it bloom.
Sometimes when the wind blew it
lost a leaf or two,
but still
it grew.

- April Showers/May Flowers

"I've been telling people for months that my whole life is on fire; which it is, but the other day, I was thinking about trees and how, sometimes, a forest burns itself down. It destroys everything; turns evergreen trees into black ash and soot. & then everyone wonders why. Why get rid of something like that? How does that make sense? The burning. But then, everything starts again. Even after the burning, it all comes back. It grows again. It rains again. It roots itself again. There's not an end to it. It just starts again. So if everything is on fire right now; if everything is going to be ashes, then it's most certainly going to come back too." 

- burn

Sometimes when I'm laying in my bed on warm afternoons; eyes closed. I'll be laying on my stomach with my hands out stretched; claws out. I'll roll over to one side & become aware that there's a person-sized space; between me & the wall. & I can't help but wonder if someone else out there has a person-sized space in their bed too. 

- Somebody to Love II.