Meeting My Bone Marrow Donor

Hello! This past weekend I had the honor of being able to meet my bone marrow transplant donor on stage at the Be the Match gala in Minneapolis! While I will defiantly eventually write a longer post about the topic, here are some pictures from the special night until then.

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The Power of a Hospital Room Education

There are days when it is difficult to see my illness as any sort of gift. When I am struggling the get out of bed or thinking about the years of my life that I’ve lost to hospitals and the experiences that I will never get back as a young person, it is easy to feel like it was all pointless. Yet my education is something that my illness has never been able to take away from me and perhaps provided for in a very special sort of way. I’ve been blessed with countless hours with a book and the ability to write. I will choose to see the good in that rather than the loss. I do not believe that it is one.

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Would Women Lead a Better World?

Yet many of the opinions I hear about modern feminism still cling to this idea that in a word run by women would be gentler. We would be kinder and more loving; there wouldn’t be as much war. Everyone would be happy and the education system in the United States would become the best in the world overnight. But that’s simply not true (Our current Secretary of Housing is a woman that’s famously bad at her job). The only reason why that’s still a seemingly plausible trope is that we automatically attach this piece of the conversation to traditional gender roles. 

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Who Are We When Nobody’s Posting?

What is perhaps ethical is not always accessible and automatically good for everyone. When we talk about purchasing ethical products, we often forget that for most of America, fast fashion is a necessity in a world of stagnant wages.

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On the Other Side of the Rubicon

People believe that once you get out a traumatic period in your life that the world should automatically snap back into focus, but that’s also not the full picture. 

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The Body Positive instagram Cleanse

Flawless photos of coffee. Mostly white, 20 somethings. Lots of cool murals and dogs with cash money. Blogs in Bermuda and detox tea ads. These are a few of my #favoritethings.

While this might sound like a sad version of that song from the Sound of Music, It’s just the reality of modern Instagram. 

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My Body Is A Badass: A Declaration of Self

We must all learn to love ourselves through difficult things. For me, after everything my body and I have been through together, I can honestly say that I do love it. It’s a badass. And maybe, I am too.

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An Open Letter to My Bone Marrow Donor

I’ve thought quite a bit about exactly what I want to say to you and I’m really not sure that anything I could ever say could measure up to exactly the right words. 

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